Diabetes should never be left ignored or uncontrolled. Once you discover that you have diabetes, or that you have pre-diabetes, it becomes your responsibility to act quickly. The reason for this is because damage may have already started on your organs and you do not want it to continue any longer than necessary. With a good program, however, you can continue to enjoy health and a great life.

The good news is that drugs or shots are not always necessary. In fact, they may not even be necessary at all. There are things that you can do quickly to get your blood sugar under control – and to do it as safely as possible. Here are some tips about how to safely control your blood sugar levels.In order to control diabetes safely, you will definitely need to understand some things. You need to learn about how diabetes affects you, and also how your body works to control sugar. Knowing about both of these will help you understand both the why and the how necessary to control your blood sugar to safe levels.

Once you understand these things, then you can start to control your blood sugar by watching what you eat, and how much you eat. Most people will need to reduce their calories to a safe level each meal. Then, you should balance
your food more evenly throughout the day by eating smaller meals three times and day and have two or three small
snacks in between. This helps you to keep your blood sugar levels more evenly balanced just by how often and how much you eat.

This is a must for people with diabetes. It really is not an option. If you are currently overweight, then this will help
you lose some extra weight – which is necessary to prevent your diabetes from becoming worse. You will need to exercise at a moderate level for at least 30 minutes a day, most exercise forms will do as long as it increases your heart rate. If you have any medical problems you will want to be sure to contact your doctor first.

In order to make sure that you keep a good level of control on your program to fight or prevent diabetes, you will need to have some kind of goals n place. This will give you some way to check and see how you are doing on a long
term basis. Some things that you will need is a daily calorie and carbohydrate count, a target weight that you want to get down to, a daily exercise program, and a way to record your goals and activities.

Another thing that you do not want to forget is that you need some way to see how you are doing daily. This means you want to have a way to gauge your blood sugar levels regularly. This will help you to know if you develop a tronger need for insulin, or if your more natural methods are working or not. This gives you some feedback as to how you are doing and will enable you to make healthy changes from time to time – if that should be needed.


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