how-to-avoid-getting-diabetesDiabetes is a medical condition that can be very serious because it can produce some serious consequences. While you do not want to go to a doctor for every little problem that you have, you do want to see your doctor if you think you are getting diabetes, or might already have it. Here are some tips about when you need to see your physician.

There are a number of symptoms for diabetes. Some of them often show up rather unexpectedly. It is possible, however, to get diabetes and have no previous symptoms. Here are some of the symptoms you might see if you have, or are getting diabetes:

– Frequent urination
– Excessive thirst
– Feel like you have the flu
– Weight loss or gain
– Blurred vision
– Slow healing sores.

If you start seeing these symptoms, then you should contact your doctor quickly. Diabetes is not something that you want to ignore. Damage can be taking place to your organs without feeling any pain. The doctor can also give you excellent tips and medications to bring it under control – or possibly avoid it altogether. Doctors recommend that everyone who reaches the age of 45 should start being checked for diabetes. Being that a few extra pounds increase your risk of getting diabetes, if you are overweight, then it becomes even more important to keep an eye out for the possibility of diabetes.

When diabetes runs in a family, it is important to have your doctor check your blood sugar levels every so often for
diabetes. It does give you a greater likelihood of becoming diabetic early in life. Certain conditions, as was mentioned in the last paragraph, make a person more prone to becoming diabetic. This is because when these conditions exist, that they almost create diabetes after a while. Those conditions are being overweight, having high blood pressure, and having high cholesterol. This causes a condition called metabolic syndrome and it means that the cells around your mid-section can become insulin resistant. Once that happens – you have diabetes.

Pregnancy is another situation where a woman can start showing signs of diabetes. For this reason, it is important
that your doctor check your blood sugar levels on a frequent basis – especially if there has been a history of diabetes. 

Pregnant women can have diabetic symptoms during a pregnancy, which will often leave after the child is born.
Diabetes during a pregnancy, however, may also indicate that diabetes will occur later, sometimes within the next
ten years.Diabetes is a disease that can often be prevented. The most important thing that you can do is to lose the extra weight and start eating a healthy diet. If you do start having the symptoms, though, at any age, it is best not
to ignore it and see a doctor quickly. Remember, though, that some people do not have the symptoms, but still
have diabetes. This makes it rather important to see a doctor regularly for checkups.


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