exercising-for-diabetes-type-2Just about anywhere you go when you are looking for information about how to get control of your diabetes, you will find the need to get good exercise. While this may not be desirable advice to some, it still needs to be heeded. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to bring diabetes under control.

It is very important that you realize how dangerous something like diabetes can be if it is not controlled. That’s right the danger is in not controlling it. Many people have it, and still enjoy life as much as they did before they were diagnosed. The key for them, is that they have taken some necessary steps to bring it under control.If you are diagnosed with prediabetes, then you still have time to make changes that may stop the advance of diabetes altogether. Many people succeed at this. Since they were able to move quickly, they brought it under control and reduced the (and possible even avoided) the potential harm that diabetes can cause.

Exercise is extremely beneficial to most people with diabetes because it will help you to lose weight and to prepare your body to utilize insulin better. In most cases, people on the verge of getting diabetes, or who have just been diagnosed with it, are at least a little overweight.This extra weight around the middle section actually helps form the conditions that create diabetes. This is even truer if you have high blood pressure, and a possible cholesterol problem. As we discussed in a previous issue this creates a situation called metabolic syndrome, which makes the
cells in that part of your body more insulin resistant.

By losing a little weight, in most cases only about 8 to 10 pounds, you will be able to regain better insulin use.
Besides that there are many other health benefits gained as well. This includes reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, which means that there is less of a risk for heart problems, too. While those health benefits are great there are even more to be enjoyed. People who exercise, especially diabetics who exercise, can also expect to live a longer life than diabetics who do not. They also will have better circulation, better mobility, and feel better about

Exercise also provides you with a greater sense of well being. This is partly due to the fact that a good exercise
program causes endorphins to be produced in the body which can make you feel better for several hours after
your workout. If you have diabetes, or prediabetes, it is very important to start immediately on your personal exercise program. As we have discussed before this should consist of about 30 minutes a day and can include most any form of activity. If you are just getting started with exercise, it may help you to enlist a friend or family member to work out with you and encourage you. This way, you will both benefit. Before you begin you may want to talk to your doctor, especially if you already have any diabetes related complications.


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