diabetes-risk-factorsDiabetes is a disease that is almost out of control today. It is a lot different than other diseases, though, in that it is not contagious, you cannot get it from a cold or any other disease. It is a disease that simply starts on the inside of our bodies and is possible to have diabetes, and have no visible symptoms at all.

Diabetes is often called the silent disease, however, because it often has few – if any – symptoms. Here are some ways to tell if you might be at risk for diabetes.As we have discussed before, being overweight can definitely put you at risk for diabetes. Being heavier than is considered healthy for your height is definitely a strong reason to believe that you could be at risk for developing diabetes. Those extra pounds, especially if they are around your waist, could actually help to create a condition that makes cells resist the normal function of insulin. They then become insulin resistant. This condition is called metabolic syndrome.

There are many risk factors to be considered that may make you more susceptible to developing type 2 diabetes.   Those most at risk are:

– People with a family history of diabetes.

– Women with a prior history of gestational diabetes.

– People with impaired glucose tolerance.

– People with a sedentary lifestyle.

– People between 40 and 75 – it’s estimated that of all people affected by diabetes, approximately 75 percent have Type II diabetes. Risk increases with age.

– People of Asian or Caribbean descent and Native Americans/First Nations people are 3 to 5 times more likely to develop diabetes than Caucasians.

– People who are very over weight – over 80 percent of people with Type II diabetes are overweight. The more
overweight you are and especially if you carry your weight around your waist rather than around your hips
and buttocks the higher your risk.

– Women who have given birth to a large baby (over 9 pounds) pregnant women may develop a temporary type of diabetes known as gestational diabetes.

For more detailed information take a look at the recent statistics from the National Institute of Diabetes:

You may also be surprised to find out that age makes you a candidate for developing diabetes. It used to be primarily
seen in those that are 45 and older. It still is considered to be adult diabetes. Now, however, due primarily to being
overweight and the amount of sugars in our diets, children are now getting diabetes at an alarming rate. Age is still a primary factor, however, due to changes in lifestyle and activity. If you suspect that you might have it and are over 45, it would be a very good idea to see a doctor for a checkup.

Living a sedate or inactive lifestyle will not help you keep diabetes away no matter what age you are. This factor is
a powerful one when it comes to diabetes.If you live a sedentary life and are overweight, then you are a prime candidate for it. The good news, however, is that by simply losing a few extra pounds and becoming more active with a regular exercise program, you may be able to keep diabetes at bay. Even if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, this is part of the program that will help keep you healthy, and possibly even help you defeat diabetes.


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