Exercising For Diabetes

exercising-for-diabetes-type-2Just about anywhere you go when you are looking for information about how to get control of your diabetes, you will find the need to get good exercise. While this may not be desirable advice to some, it still needs to be heeded. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to bring diabetes under control.

It is very important that you realize how dangerous something like diabetes can be if it is not controlled. That’s right the danger is in not controlling it. Many people have it, and still enjoy life as much as they did before they were diagnosed. The key for them, is that they have taken some necessary steps to bring it under control.If you are diagnosed with prediabetes, then you still have time to make changes that may stop the advance of diabetes altogether. Many people succeed at this. Since they were able to move quickly, they brought it under control and reduced the (and possible even avoided) the potential harm that diabetes can cause. (more…)

Diabetes Risk Factors

diabetes-risk-factorsDiabetes is a disease that is almost out of control today. It is a lot different than other diseases, though, in that it is not contagious, you cannot get it from a cold or any other disease. It is a disease that simply starts on the inside of our bodies and is possible to have diabetes, and have no visible symptoms at all.

Diabetes is often called the silent disease, however, because it often has few – if any – symptoms. Here are some ways to tell if you might be at risk for diabetes.As we have discussed before, being overweight can definitely put you at risk for diabetes. Being heavier than is considered healthy for your height is definitely a strong reason to believe that you could be at risk for developing diabetes. Those extra pounds, especially if they are around your waist, could actually help to create a condition that makes cells resist the normal function of insulin. They then become insulin resistant. This condition is called metabolic syndrome. (more…)

Can Diabetes Be Cured

can-diabetes-be-curedDiabetes is a disease that can be rather easily prevented in most cases. The most common form, Type 2 diabetes, which is what about 95% of people have, is also the most preventable. The other form, Type 1 diabetes, is generally thought to be non-preventable.

For best results, however, steps should be taken as early as possible, and not only after you get the doctor’s diagnosis. Even after you hear the words “pre-diabetes” from your doctor, or even “diabetes,” there still are steps that you can take to help eliminate or reduce the serious effects of diabetes. Today we are going to go over a some simple things that you can do to help prevent diabetes. The first thing you should do is if you are overweight, then this you will need to take steps to reduce your way to eat healthier. Being overweight has been determined to be the primary cause of diabetes, and removing the excess weight is one of the primary things you can do to reduce the threat and possibly delay the disease. (more…)

Prediabetes And The Effects

prediabetesPrediabetes is a halfway condition between normalcy and diabetes when it comes to blood sugar levels. This means that the amount of sugar in your blood is not high enough to be considered diabetes, but it is higher than normal. This situation indicates that diabetes is on the way, and that the body is already having some difficulty in handling the amount of sugar consumed. Just how much time is needed for that person to become fully termed diabetic is unknown. It may partially depend on his or her present medical condition and weight, but it could be relatively short or still years away. Here are some things you need to know about prediabetes.

There may not be any symptoms at all with prediabetes. This makes it a silent problem that can lead to sudden serious problems unless testing is done to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels. Typically, doctors encourage people who are over 45 or overweight to get a blood sugar test about every 3 years. (more…)

Signs Of Diabetes

signs-of-diabetesDiabetes can be a very deceptive disease. It can be present with almost no warning signs. How ever there are a few symptoms that may indicate that it is present. Because of its tendency to operate in silence, its damage is being performed and you never even know it is there.

There are tests available, which can easily tell if diabetes is present, or if you are in what is called a pre-diabetes stage. These are rather simple blood tests that are the same for either stage. Once you become aware that you have certain symptoms that indicate that you may have it, it is time to go see your doctor right away. Before we go any further please take into consideration that some people who have diabetes never show any signs of these symptoms, so looking for them may not be the only reason to suspect you might have it. These are just some basic symptoms
that may occur: (more…)

Types Of Diabetes

types-of-diabetesWhen people start talking about diabetes, sometimes those not in the know may come to the conclusion that there is only one form. The truth is, however, that there are three distinct forms. Each one has its own share of symptoms, problems, and treatment. It is important if you have a loved one with it, or are possibly being told that you may have it, that you know the differences between the 3 forms. Here is some information about types of diabetes to help you.

Diabetes is primarily a problem with the insulin in the body that normally helps to change the sugar that you consume into useable energy for your body’s cells. Each of these 3 forms of diabetes presents a different problem associated with how the body uses or produces insulin. (more…)