Treatments For Type 1 Diabetes

treatments-for-type-1-diabetesType  1 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes as it affects younger people of ages twelve or thirteen. It is the severest form of diabetes where insulin is not formed. Insulin is the hormone which helps the body for using blood sugar and glucose. This hormone is produced in Pancreas. When insulin is not produced, the cells of the body cannot use glucose for producing energy. This results in burning of fat that produces Ketones. If the level of this rises too high it can even results in death. The treatment includes injecting insulin in the bloodstream. This injection is pierced in the fatty layer of body which is buttocks or thighs. This helps in greater absorption of the insulin. (more…)

How To Control Diabetes Without Drugs ?

Diabetes should never be left ignored or uncontrolled. Once you discover that you have diabetes, or that you have pre-diabetes, it becomes your responsibility to act quickly. The reason for this is because damage may have already started on your organs and you do not want it to continue any longer than necessary. With a good program, however, you can continue to enjoy health and a great life.

The good news is that drugs or shots are not always necessary. In fact, they may not even be necessary at all. There are things that you can do quickly to get your blood sugar under control – and to do it as safely as possible. Here are some tips about how to safely control your blood sugar levels.In order to control diabetes safely, you will definitely need to understand some things. You need to learn about how diabetes affects you, and also how your body works to control sugar. Knowing about both of these will help you understand both the why and the how necessary to control your blood sugar to safe levels. (more…)

What Is Hyperglycemia ? What Is Hypoglycemia ?

what-is-hyperglycemiaWhen it comes to diabetes, there are basically three things that can happen in relation to your blood sugar. You can have blood sugar levels that are either normal, too high or too low. These are the two extremes. Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are the two words that describe the two extremes of blood sugar levels. Neither condition is good, but one can be much more dangerous than the other when it is revealed. Here is some more information about each condition.

First let’s talk about Hyperglycemia. (more…)

Gestational Diabetes Treatment

gestational-diabetes-treatmentOne of the most common problems that a woman might have with pregnancy is gestational diabetes. This occurs in about 4% of the pregnancies in the United States, or around 130,000 women each year. Here are some details about gestational diabetes.This can occur with just about any pregnancy.

It does not matter whether or not a woman has had diabetes previously, or even shown any symptoms at any time.The women that are most likely to get gestational diabetes during pregnancy are ethnic women who are Hispanic, African American, American Indian, and Asians. Their risk level is increased even more if there has been a family history of diabetes, are a little older, and somewhat obese. (more…)

Understanding Diabetes Right-Common Myths

understanding-diabetesDiabetes is a disease that many people really do not want to hear about. This has given rise to a lot of misunderstandings about diabetes. Of course, most people will never learn much about it unless they are told they are borderline getting it or have already got it. Here are some common myths that are floating around and the correct answers to them.

The first myth is that diabetics must eat special foods as part of their diet. There is no such thing as special foods for diabetics. The truth is that he or she can eat the same thing as everyone else – just not as much of it. There also needs to be a good balance of vegetables, fruits, meats and carbohydrates. It is more the amount of food than anything else. (more…)

How To Avoid Getting Diabetes-Going To The Doctor

how-to-avoid-getting-diabetesDiabetes is a medical condition that can be very serious because it can produce some serious consequences. While you do not want to go to a doctor for every little problem that you have, you do want to see your doctor if you think you are getting diabetes, or might already have it. Here are some tips about when you need to see your physician.

There are a number of symptoms for diabetes. Some of them often show up rather unexpectedly. It is possible, however, to get diabetes and have no previous symptoms. Here are some of the symptoms you might see if you have, or are getting diabetes: (more…)