can-diabetes-be-curedDiabetes is a disease that can be rather easily prevented in most cases. The most common form, Type 2 diabetes, which is what about 95% of people have, is also the most preventable. The other form, Type 1 diabetes, is generally thought to be non-preventable.

For best results, however, steps should be taken as early as possible, and not only after you get the doctor’s diagnosis. Even after you hear the words “pre-diabetes” from your doctor, or even “diabetes,” there still are steps that you can take to help eliminate or reduce the serious effects of diabetes. Today we are going to go over a some simple things that you can do to help prevent diabetes. The first thing you should do is if you are overweight, then this you will need to take steps to reduce your way to eat healthier. Being overweight has been determined to be the primary cause of diabetes, and removing the excess weight is one of the primary things you can do to reduce the threat and possibly delay the disease.

The amount of weight that needs to be lost for most people is somewhere around 8 to 10 pounds. However it does, depend on how overweight you are. When you are diagnosed its best to begin trying to shed the extra pounds as soon as possible. You may need to consult your doctor first to see if there are any health problems that would prevent you from moving forward with your weight loss plan. He or she can also make good recommendations on how you should proceed.

Reducing your weight often begins with your diet. Maintaining a healthy diet is the most effective way to control your weight.For many people, this is a new way of life, and the best way to achieve it will be to start some kind of journal to record your calorie intake. When you start keeping track of your calorie intake you may be shocked and surprised at just how many calories you do eat in a day. Be sure to keep track of everything, including any snacks, deserts, regular meals, as well as all drinks. By the time all that gets added in, it really adds up. Be especially careful of processed and prepackaged foods, especially sodas and fast foods, which contain a large amount of calories and excess sugar.

Another important factor in preventing diabetes is to exercise regularly. It is a must for those with prediabetes, or diabetes. It does not have to be hard or excessive exercise, just consistent exercise. Getting about 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week will be just fine. This will not only help you lose the weight, but it will also create good overall health and help you feel better, too. Exercise is made easier if you enlist a friend to exercise with you, if possible. Your willingness may also help him or her to lose a few pounds as well and help prevent diabetes, too. When you consider the potential harm that diabetes can do, and the fact that it could be rather easily prevented, isn’t it worth taking the time and effort to lose a few pounds? Remember that prevention is far better than recovery.


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